About Us

We at Envio Energy build our business model on an analytical perspective based on comprehensive experience and know how. We also approach our problems on an environmental friendly way from an aesthetical angle.

We design our waste and energy facilities with an innovative approach throughout Turkey and Europe.


We at Envio Energy aim to undertake measures to prevent pollution against environment and health hazards assuming our responsibilites for the nature.

We not only dispose of waste but also manage, recycle and add value. We focus on safe, solution centric, innovative and high quality service execution./p>


We have the vision of a technologically capable and financially strong integrated solid waste management and energy generation company that can optimise waste management models, provide tailor made solutions to each region throughout Turkey and Europe

Our Principles

  • Sustainable and circular economy approach,
  • Obeying health, safety and environment rules,
  • Applying waste management practices preventing environmental hazards,
  • Conforming to all necessities of safe and secure service conditions,
  • Prioritising research and development,
  • Pioneering innovation nationally and globally

Our Values

  • Always optimising and innovating to meet the needs of the customers,
  • Preserving confidentiality of service and trade rules,
  • Following innovation and latest technological developments.

Envio: We use our energy for a clean future