Electricity and Heat Generation

Düzce Municipalities produce more than 380 tons of Municipal Solid Waste per day. With our enhanced technology, we aim to dramatically decrease the waste to be deposited in the landfill site hence increasing the life of the field.

We target to generate electricity consumed more than 14 thousand households.




Domestic Waste


Electricity to




The ultimate aim is to get rid of landfill necessity in the future. Our cogeneration unit with an initial installed capacity of 3 MW, would generate mor than 21 million kWh per year.


Energy is generated via utilising methane produced in the fermentation and landfill site. The gas is sucked into the system via enhanced boosters and burned in the state of art cogeneration units.

The waste heat produced by the cogeneration units would be utilised to heat fermantation tanks, the greenhouse and administrative buildings.

Sorting Facility


2,5 %





tons / day

SRF production


We target 2,5% of daily waste to be recycled back into economy, our sorting facility have state of art design and optimised to recover organic waste at the highest amount.


SRF / Solid Recovered Fuel

SRF production is a complementary activity to reduce the waste going into the landfill. Our facility produces 75 tons/day SRF.

Envio: We use our energy for a clean future