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Innovative waste technologies


We at Envio Energy build our business model on an analytical perspective based on comprehensive experience and know how. We also approach our problems on an environmental friendly way from an aesthetical angle.


These problems will be eliminated with our closed solid waste integrated facility in Düzce, where the smell and appearance of garbage previously reached the level of discomfort. With the energy we will obtain from the wastes, the electricity needs of approximately 14,000 households will be met.

We at Envio Energy aim to undertake measures to prevent pollution against environment and health hazards assuming our responsibilites for the nature.

We have the vision of a technologically capable and financially strong integrated solid waste management and energy generation...

- Sustainable
- Innovation
- Environmentalism
- Evolution
- Healthy Future

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For a clean world, a beautiful future;

Düzce as the municipal solid waste enters our

At the first step, paper, glass, cardboard plastics and metals are seperated from the waste stream and gets recycled to the economy.

Secondly, seperated organic waste is fed into the fermantation tank and biogas is produced. The gas is used to generate electricity.

At the third and final phase, SRF, solid recovered fuel is sorted out and processed to be delivered to the cement factories to be utilised as alternative fuel

Envio: We use our energy for a clean future